Keeping in touch

Working Landscapes, Livable Communities July 13-19, 2019. The Ninth Quadrennial Conference of British, Canadian, and American Rural Geographers was hosted by Peter Nelson (Middlebury College) and Cheryl Morse (University of Vermont)
Keeping in touch with RGRG members is especially enjoyable when mixing academic work with travelling pleasure at meetings of rural geographers from other continents. A workshop and some papers dealt with housing, income, tourism and transport challenges in Vermont’s alternative food networks (AFNs), as conventional dairy farming ebbs.
Above, spot former RGRG Chair Prof Guy Robinson – sporting Aussie hat & sunglasses near Sugar Bear’s left paw – at Sugarbush Maple Farm (Bas pic 2019). Earlier, Food Hub leaders described changes as activists, consumers and farmers evolved.
You can read more on this Quad in RGRG Newsletter for Winter 2019-20, pages 7-9:

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