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Rural Geography Research Group publishes a biannual RGRG Newsletter. Please download from links below. Spring 2020 deadline is 15th March. Members are welcome to email text & photos on conferences, fieldwork, books, etc. on Subject Line ‘RGRG News’ to editor bruce.scholten@btopenworld.com

RGS-IBG HQ, So. Kensington, London. Easy walking from Hyde Park, Albert Hall, Imperial College and the Victoria & Albert Museum, this spot attracts many of some 2000 annual conference goers. In 2019 a replica of Ranulf Fiennes’ Antarctica barn joined them. (Bas 2019)

RGRG News Summer 2010

RGRG AGM London 01 Sep 2010. After adjournment a few ruralites stopped for a photo, including RGRG AGM CRopLondon 1sep10 incl Carol, Damian, Ally, Bruce & Chair Keith Halfacree. Dr Halfacree succeeded Prof Guy Robinson, and earlier Pro Henry Buller.th Halfacree_2325CRopLondon 1sep10 incl CarolM DamianM Ally BruceS new Pres Keith Halfacree_2325RGRG AGM London 1 Sep 2010. Half were out the door before someone shouted, ‘Picture!’ Dr Keith Halfacree (front centre) succeeds Prof Guy Robinson as RGRG Chair. Others include Carol, Damian, Ally and Bruce.

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CARDIFF RGRG AGM 29 Aug 2018 RGS-IBG meet. Prof Jon Rigg (Durham-Singapore-Bristol) & Bruce’s  camera found Martin, Dan, Fiona, Michael, Bruce, Nigel, Megan, Andrew, Keith, Damian, Cheryl (?!), Fidel Felipe above Eifiona. More info in RGRG Newsletter for Winter 2018-19. More Cardiff pix above.

LONDON RGRG AGM 29 Aug 2019 RGS-IBG conference. Prof Martin Phillips succeeded Prof Nigel Walford as Chair. Please find more election details on the Committee page & RGRG Newsletter for Winter 2019. Membership is growing with industrious postgrads and newly minted PhDs alongside stalwarts of the Rural Geography Research Group. Fuller report in the RGRG Newsletter for Winter 2019-20.

Please email suggestions, digital text & pix on events, fieldwork reports, book reviews and so on with SUBJECT LINE: RGRG NEWS to Editor: bruce.scholten@btopenworld.com