Covid-19 and Food Systems: interactive learning resource

In the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor Damian Maye became aware of the increasingly extensive coverage on the pandemic’s impacts on food systems in the UK and globally. Throughout the pandemic, he has added items weekly to an interactive learning resource – as of May 2021 this resource held 1500 items related to food system impacts and our collective responses.

The CCRI is maintaining the learning resource and has created a database that can be filtered in terms of keywords, themes, dates and article type. You can access the database by clicking the image below.

Damian would like to request that if you intend to use any of the materials in the database for teaching or in publications that you email him first at Please acknowledge that you have you have made use of the ‘CCRI COVID-19 and Food Systems’ learning resource in any presentation or publication.   

Support for Students from the RGS

Many geography students complete a dissertation, or other substantial research project, in their final year of study. The Society is compiling a selection of resources to help students plan projects, collect and analyse appropriate data, draw conclusions and present work well. These resources are accessible remotely and focus on secondary data, acknowledging that primary data collection may be problematic at present. This list of online resources to aid online student research is dynamic, new items will be published as our resources develop.

Rural Geography Research Group 2019 |
Rural Resilience and Resourcefulness Innovation Café Session

For the paper from this session, please click here.

Archives: Rural Geography 1972 -2022: Past, Present and Future  

We are currently porting over our archives from the past and look forward to any additional and pertinent information to add to this for Rural Geography.  Please feel free to pass on any papers or items of interest to add to our resources see link