Our Grants

We offer grants which we have access to predominantly gained from the RGS grant scheme. If available they will be advertised on this page.

Currently we have no specific grants available but we will be reviewing day passes for the RGS with IBG 2020 Conference for those who are overseas or do not have an affiliation with a Geography Dept. Priority will be given to those presenting or supporting the Conference in some way.

Grants awarded in 2019

PGR/ECR Grant (2019) XXVIII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress (ESRS) 2019 theme is ‘Rural Futures in a Complex World’

https://rgrg.co.uk/pgr-ecr-grant-2019-xxviii-european-society-for-rural-sociology-congress-esrs-2019-theme-is-rural-futures-in-a-complex-world The grant was awarded by the RGRG Committee to Dr Megan Palmer-Abbs who presented in Working Group 2 SESSION 2: Digital policies and rural life on

Topic: Butterflies & Chameleons: Digital connectivity, Innovation and Rural Businesses


Short abstract from Megan Palmer-Abbs https://rgrg.co.uk/rgrg-abstract-esrs-international-conference-trondheim-norway-june-25-28th-2019

PCR/ECR Grants (2019) awarded for The Ninth Quadrennial Conference of British, Canadian and American Rural Geographers


Awards were given to Andrew Maclaren and Mr Felipe da Silva Machado abstracts as follows:

Andrew Maclaren https://rgrg.co.uk/brit-can-am-quad-in2-events-2019-rgs-london-brit-can-am-quad-vermont-usa