Emerging Rural Researchers – Mapping Rural Futures


Lingjia Zhao, Loughborough University (L.Zhao4@lboro.ac.uk)
Fidel Budy, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) (fidelbudy@gmail.com)

The annually held Rural Geography Research Group session serves as a vibrant platform for the exploration of cutting-edge concepts within rural geography, showcasing the endeavors of postgraduate and early-career researchers. Against the backdrop of recent years’ transformative shifts in rural landscapes, our focus aligns with the overarching theme of “mapping,” transcending the conventional confines of cartography within rural geography.

In the evolving narrative of rural dynamics, landscapes have undergone significant transformations in response to global and national shifts. This session aims to unravel how rural areas dynamically navigate these changes, employing mapping as a multifunctional tool for interpretation, adaptation, and innovation. We extend an invitation to delve into the diverse landscape of rural geography, emphasizing the integration of spatial methodologies. The aim is to stimulate insightful discussions centered around innovative reflective of mapping, thereby fostering a nuanced understanding of the inherent complexities within the rural landscape.

As participants gather to explore the evolving contours of rural geography, we anticipate contributions that transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking new perspectives through the lens of spatial or beyond spatial exploration. The session provides a friendly and encouraging forum in which researchers can present their ideas and results and discuss them constructively with all attendees.

Please email your abstract (250 words), keywords (max 5) and full contact details to L.Zhao4@lboro.ac.uk

The deadline for abstract submissions is 17:00 GMT, Monday 19th February.